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    We've been waiting for this endless summer.. to end.. for the longest.. I've personally found myself staring into my closet dreaming of layers. It will happen soon, it HAS to happen soon. On the bright side, this elongated summer has provided all of us with ample time to shell out duckets for fire fall pieces. So, with the help from various tumblr accounts, we'd like to suggest some toggle coats as precipitation and cold weather (hopefully) draw nearer.

    Here's a navy, wool toggle coat by J. Crew worn by the dude in front of you in line at the cafe with the most intricate order. This dude looks like he'd try to take your girl by reciting obscure poetry and denigrating popular music, choosing instead to listen to NPR and smooth jazz. Touche, bro, touche. Anyway, the coat's a classic look and retails at $475.

    Here's a black, ASOS Wool Duffle Coat worn by a model who looks stoned as hell. The model looks like a person of color just told dude he can no longer afford his apartment because of gentrifying hipsters. In any case, don't let that dissuade you from copping this coat. Inexpensive at $152, this coat is utilitarian as all hell. Plus it's made of 5% viscose, a manmade fiber I had to Google, so it's gotta be tight.

    Now here are just some nice looking toggle coats.


    This guy's so edgy, bro. He's teetering on the edge, bro. Sad Boyz, for real.

    (This is that v rare Mark McNairy New Amsterdam x Seattle Seahawks collab, fam.)

    With all of these coats to choose from, the waiting game for winter officially begins. ~prays for precipitation~

  • Saints and Savages

    Saints and Savages

    Aw man, where do we even start..? This is.. this is dope. I stumbled across Ikire Jones' FW14 collection, aptly named Saints and Savages, on these here Interwebs and thought the garments looked sharp. Then you read a bit about their story and realize 'these guys get it.'

    The images are sharp but what really did it for me was the concept behind the collection, a direct affront to preconceived notions about Africa and its relation to the West.

    (all images via )

    In their own words, This is a challenge to the zealously held belief that Africa is a monolithic village in need of perpetual saving.

    Underneath several of the photos are personal accounts, moving tributes to the African experience, or ,better put, African experiences. They tell stories from the pitch (soccer field, guys, stay woke), stories from the "beneficiaries" of unwanted championship t-shirts of teams that.. you know lost the championship (you always wondered where those shirts went). They tell stories about gossip, about migration and refuge. All this while presenting an eclectic mix of clothing, plush with patterns, an intersection between the loud and the sublime.

    The collection is a reminder, don't let the story get lost in the clothes. At least not when it's a story worth telling.

  • The Axe Generation All Grown Up

    The Axe Generation All Grown Up

    It's time for all of us to come clean. You might tell yourself you want to dress better because you care about your aesthetic or maybe you want to get a promotion and would like to dress the part. Cool, those are reasonable and commendable reasons to get sartorial with it.... but, let's be honest, you're doing it for the ladies, man. It's why we do a lot of things, like drench ourselves in Axe in middle school or drive to the sketchy neighborhood at 1 a.m. with minimal gas left in mom's whip. It's why we buy candles and nice cars and Kahlua.

    A routine scroll through the Interwebs, a common practice when I procrastinate on writing these articles, and you can see how real the sway is. Here's an article reviewing an Allen Edmonds study regarding women who make $50,000-$200,000/year and their opinions on men and shoes. In it, 50% of women stated that shoes reflect a man's personality. Well, in that case, my Cortez' should let the ladies know I live a Krazy Life and it's Blood In, Blood out lol. 36% of respondents said shoes reflect a man's financial position. In other words, get you some fire wingtips or be considered a peon, holmes.

    In another study, seen on Esquire, and on Complex, researchers at a Chinese university found that women are attracted to men in red which is dope 'cuz my entire wardrobe is burgundy, fam. I'll be slaying like White Jesus in no time.

    Obviously, take the tips with a grain of salt. Getting a red crewneck and some expensive wingtips isn't gonna do anything for you if you don't have the confidence to 1) wear your shit proudly and 2) approach the woman who may or may not enjoy your face despite your fire outfit.

    Still, all of these surveys and studies tell us something. An unavoidable fact of male existence. Menswear is for women. Now, go get em, dawgy.... but hire us to style you first.

  • Life Goals

    Life Goals

    Have you heard of the Menswear Dog, Bodhi the Shiba Inu? Well, come to find out, the pooch is making $15,000 a month modeling menswear clothing. Let that sink in, a dog is making $15,000 a month to model menswear clothing... There is a very real desire to scoff at Bodhi, dude is like.. our competition lol ... But how can we be mad? Look at this face, yo.

    In any case, a scroll through the dog's Tumblr and Instagram accounts and you realize, the dog actually has hella steeze. Here he is in a classic summer look, chest hairs poking out... well I guess he doesn't really have a choice since he's covered in hair but whatever it's still poppin'.

    Now here's bruh doing his first INTERNATIONAL ad campaign with Korean brand Comodo Square. My dude is out here THRIVING, yo. Pocket square is on point, he's got the emotionally detached, look off camera, model thing working for him, too. Panama hat is slaying...

    Dude, look at your dog after reading this article and try not to think of how he or she would look in a blazer lol I mean, sure my dog gives me unconditional love and undying affection but are you making me money, bruh?

    Jorge Courtade

  • Don't Be a Tube Sock

    Don't Be a Tube Sock

    Do you have white tube socks in your dresser, drawer, or wherever it is you keep your socks? Well, you shouldn't.

    Hi, this is the Bellwether Project and we're here to tell you that socks, yes socks, can make or break an outfit. We know, those trusty white tube socks have been there for you, through thick and thin, but it's just not a good look, fam. You've got a nice blazer on, paired with your favorite t-shirt and your favorite jeans. You're wearing a nice hat from Goorin Bros. You've got your favorite wingtips on. You sit down, cross your legs and *collective gasp* you've got WHITE TUBE SOCKS peeking out. Just think about it, such a waste.

    If you've been committed to the tube sock, we understand this may be disheartening. You're not a wasteful person, you're not just going to burn your collection of socks in the backyard. Luckily for you, we live in the sock era. Yes, I called it the sock era. Sure, there are always a litany of dress sock options, argyles, wool, the whole nine. Always cool, always better than a tube sock. Us personally though, we like to keep it funky. There are hella sock companies popping up left and right, many of whom take chances with their designs.

    This allows you to dress an otherwise formal outfit down to your liking. Let em know you like cats, weed plants, dolphins, malt liquor, the Virgin Mary, paisley print, _____, ______, .....

    Don't be a tube sock, homie.

    Jorge Courtade

  • 4239a2eabd8401b8-NightOUt.jpg

    We speak on the power of presentation often. I mean, it’s kinda our job. What we haven’t done is give you tangible examples of what you can expect when you’re styled and fitted. Last night, the Bellwether Project was invited out to an event we planned on covering. If you’re wondering, well there wasn’t much to cover (hence the subject matter of this story). That being said, we’d all put outfits together, outfits designed to stand out. The way people treated us is starkly different to anything I’ve felt in a while. Here’s the rundown.

    From the Muni stop to Market Street from the Thai restaurant we ate at to the bar we ended up at, people will stare. Heads turn when people walk by. People will look at you as if they’re trying to figure out who you are and what on earth it is that you do.

    People are waaaay more likely to speak to you. The waitresses were kind. Once we all left each other, I received two comments on my blazer.

    You will feel more important (than you really are) and people respond to it. We’re all regular guys but you wouldn’t guess it from how people look at us, treat us, etc. I felt like I had a 401k and dental insurance. I felt like I had hiring power.

    Imagine that.

    Jorge Courtade

  • Feeling Like A Polar Bear On Thin Ice

    Feeling Like A Polar Bear On Thin Ice

    It’s getting cold again and we’re not mad about it at all. Sure, come January we’ll probably long for a glimpse of the sun. Hell, I’ll probably be the palest shade of brown possible.

    About a week ago (cue Bobby Shmurda, Shmoney dance, hat in the air, all that), the weather was abnormally hot and it became a sartorial struggle. It’s October, you wanna bust out some of your favorite fabrics, throw on a couple layers, wear deeper, darker colors.

    I mean, it’s only right. Instead, it’s the middle of fall and our only options were henleys, light denim, and, in my case, Hawaiian shirts and guayaberas.

    We already thought climate change sucked when we saw those videos of polar bears jumping off of thin slabs of ice that used to house them but now climate change is really killin it – you’re messing up our groove, dawgy, and that’s not okay. Maybe one day climate change will render all seasons unrecognizable. Until then, though, we’re going to enjoy the sartorial opportunities that the colder weather opens up. Layers, foooool, layers *chunti voice*. Wool, tweed, and all of the other #itchyboy fabrics you can think of, it’s their time now. Welcome to fall, boi. Or is it autumn? That sounds more fancy.

    Jorge Courtade



  • Secret Meetings at Undisclosed Locations

    Secret Meetings at Undisclosed Locations

    The Bellwether Project recently sat down at a secret, undisclosed location to discuss plans for the future. Very important business, indeed. Legs were crossed, words were written, chins were held, all that.

    The trio of personal stylists, as you may have noticed, have begun to jump into the world of production. Next month, the Bellwether boys will be dropping their first product, the "Ego" bag (a collaboration with Berkeley-based Aegis Handcraft).

    The team discussed this collaboration at the very secret pow wow - essentially, Dario could not find a leather portfolio. Or, better put, he couldn't find a leather portfolio that was durable, economically sound (fancy way of saying not hella expensive), and aesthetically pleasing. With that in mind, they just decided to make one themselves. It's that entrepreneurial spirit that marks the people that drive culture, separating them from those who find themselves immersed in culture but hardly shape it. In a world of instant gratification, saturated markets, and pointless products, it can be easy to shy away from jumping into the marketplace. Instead, The Bellwether Project saw a gap in the market, identified it, and come next month, will fill it. I mean, they tryna get paid, fam.

  • Protect Your Nether Regions At All Times

    Protect Your Nether Regions At All Times

    Anyone that knows me knows that burgundy, wine, bordeaux, etc... That's my color family. Together we make up one big, less-dysfuntional-than-normal family, you know one that actually work in harmony. I wear the hell out of them and they, well they get to compose half my wardrobe. Recent weather in the Bay withstanding (currently hella hot but I’m still wearing a jacket because fashion), it’s been a struggle working deep, rich colors into my daily outfits. You might be going through a similar struggle. Do not fret for I have drawn two conclusions from this tragic trend in climate.

    1) I/You/We have a certain collective consciousness when it comes to season-appropriate attire. Don’t get me wrong, the uncoordinated and unconcerned version of myself (a bit younger and a bit misguided) still has urges to wear deep colors in the heat and vibrant, hyphy colors when it’s cold. There’s a rebel in all of us, to be sure. But there comes a day in every young man’s life when he wears a black ensemble in the deathly heat and realizes that it’s not worth the swampy effect it has on your nether regions. Sometimes conventional wisdom just plain works… even for the nonconventional.

    Okay so this whole self-realization thing is all good but yo what do I do now while I’m baking in the heat lol. This leads me to the second conclusion

    2) Don’t pigeonhole yourself into one color family, which, of course, exactly what I’ve done. Don’t get me wrong, burgundy and it’s more obscure siblings, cousins, and are-we-even-relateds will always be my preference. That being said, there has to be room in my closet for the pastels, neutrals, bright blues, hella hues, all that. I shouldn’t look in my closet and cringe at the thought of wearing 80% of my wardrobe during San Francisco’s infamous Indian (*yikes*) summer. Neither should you.

    Cool, now go out there and be somebody!

  • Hors d'oeuvres, yo.

    Hors d'oeuvres, yo.

    So I'm perusing (love that damn word, I imagine the top of someone's head and two eyeballs above a fence everytime I read it) through my email, looking for stuff to delete and waiting on the million-dollar email I know won't be there, when I see that The Bellwether Project has been invited to a luxury watch company's VIP preview event. They're talking refreshments, fam. Hors d'oeuvre, yo. That's very player, very fire. Indeed, indeed. Pinkies will be out. Indeed.

    I thought to myself, is that what being an "influencer" feels like? Are we beginning to taste the fruits of our labor, the spoils of being hella stylish?

    We are at a crossroads. I'm not going to lie to you, my room is currently a mess, rent is crazy, and parking tickets and college loan payments are about to start pressing me for funds like Stewie did Brian.

    That being said, we will be the best-dressed at the luxury watch event. We will provide the best coverage of said event and we will continue moving forward with our plans to raise the threshold of menswear in San Francisco.

    See, you're either moving up or falling off - I know which direction we're headed.

    --- Jorge Courtade thinks humility is a beautiful thing but is often overrated.