• An Outfit Only A Mother Can Love

    An Outfit Only A Mother Can Love

    Recently, as in thirty seconds ago, I stumbled upon an article about men who dress like slobs and the women that love them. I think most of us have experienced that phenomenon, that split second where your inner-hater reminds you that it's there, hiding in the depths of your normally benevolent soul. You know, you're walking down the street, see a beautiful woman... only to see her hands locked with a dude in chancletas and a stained 49ers shirt.

    Hey, I get it, not everyone cares about their presentation.. Wait, no I don't get it. I don't think we'll ever get that. The clothes you wear don't have to be expensive, don't have to be 'trendy,' they don't have to be anything. But what your clothes actually do is tell the world about you, before you even get a chance to open your mouth. We recognize the flaws in that line of thinking. Dude in the stained 49ers shirt could very well be a doctor but am I going to treat you like a doctor? If you are my doctor and I gotta pay an arm and a leg to wait 45 minutes in your crowded lobby just to see you for two minutes and tell me I'm good, I better not catch you in the streets in some chancletas, man. My co-pay better be going to some nice wingtips and your wife's anti-depressants, sh!t.

    Which brings me to my last point. Women that can love a slob, probably can't love me and so, as a defense mechanism, I must declare them lame as well. If you're both slobs that's one thing and you're probably disqualified anyway. Now, if you actually put time and effort into your outfit and the man you decide to procreate with didn't even care to change his t-shirt after the mustard from the hot dog got on it, that's wild disrespectful, yo. Imagine the snickering voices of your 'girlfriends' as they gossip about the man you've been raving about once they see the ensemble.

    Fellas, don't be that guy. Ladies, don't be that girl.

    jorge Courtade

  • NYFW Day 3: Being cool isn't cool enough

    NYFW Day 3: Being cool isn't cool enough

    Let's keep this short and sweet... We may not have mentioned earlier but we expected to coordinate all of our ensembles to bring a greater presence to our looks each day. You know, that whole "army of one" idea. Everything was going great until the infamous "denim day" where all of our outfits collectively went down the drain due to the weather not supporting such a heavy fabric ( No one really wants to wear jeans in 90 degree weather with 90% humidity). It was the hottest day of the entire trip and we had exhausted all of our lightweight looks in the first 2 days. After running through our suitcases in tornado fashion we put on what would be our least favorite get ups and headed to Lincoln center.

    Once we arrived we knew that layering of any sorts was a terrible idea. I for one had sweated enough bullets to end world war 2. The frenzy of poses, fashionistas, and interviews gave the Lincoln Center a sort of state fair feel as we coursed through the crowd gazing aimlessly at the spectacle that was fashion week.

    The feeling of being improperly dressed has to be the pinnacle of all heart ache and frustration here at The Bellwether Project and our first impression of Lincoln center was that looking cool wasn't cool enough for us - we actually needed to cool off. After such realizations we headed to mid town to pick up some less constraining duds. Literally the purchasing of a tee shirt almost immediatly relieved my pores and anxiety simultaneously.

    We''l be back tomorrow to try this again, a bit more planned, a lot more "cool."

    Lesson of the day: When style is the matter comfort is necessary. Once again, there is no style without comfort. Can you fake being comfortable? Of course, but for how long?

  • NYFW Day 2: 5 Senses and a GPS can't give you direction

    NYFW Day 2: 5 Senses and a GPS can't give you direction

    Started off slow... Jet lagged from the day before we drug ourselves into our outfits and headed straight to the Jerk chicken spot. After a pow wow with the Ras we headed back to the stoop to smack on our favorite Caribbean cuisine and wait for our uber. First stop, 10 Deep head quarters.

    My man Dennis is a real winner. Met him the first time I came to NY back when he stayed with some friends of mine from back in the day. He's the Sr. Designer for the brand which happens to be on the frontier of innovation in the streetwear category.

    I asked general questions about his time with 10 Deep and where his inspiration comes from (you know general fashion shit) but the answers definitely weren't run d the mill. I forgot to mention that Dennis is from the Bay Area and as most ppl know we Bay Areans like to keep it trill. He talked about pieces that he has created that he gets excited about but knows that the majority of the line is only effective in New York. Streetwear to him is a weird place where a lot of the scene is the same, tees and caps, and how to stay ahead of the streetwear curve you effectively have to keep up with high end causal wear; wait for the street iron to get slightly past like warm (like tingly but not yet a first degree burn) with a high end trend, then strike. 

    There's a lot he's been pushing since his induction into the 10 Deep family that has had to be put on hold due to owner and creative director Scott staying on par with the vibes of the industry.

    We got to meet the whole team from marketing, online sales, wholesale sales and even the boss himself, Scott (last name). Amongst the samples, stacked up mail, we found some notable memorabilia like the first record label that signed bob Marley and the Whalers, walls of inspiration and a line of shoe collaborations 10 Deep has done over the years.

    We wrapped with a few gifts of our choosing and Diddy bopped to our next rendezvous, Gavensvoort in Chelsea, for the Nylon Blogger retreat.

    Heads up [Nylon Magazine] stop using ineffective doormen as pseudo security!!! Home boy see's us, takes our photo, then is like "I can't let you in"... I said "Dog, our mans Twan ( is up there already. We forwarded HIM the email you sent US for all of us to get in...chu mean?!" After some bickering and barking and IG flaunting we all ended up in the joint. It was nice and the bloggersphere in the room embraced us well. The only actual issue I had was the fact that it was a "bloggers retreat" event but they had no wifi?!?! I had plans of dropping so much text for y'all and they catted on me...

    At any rate, we chatted a bit with Twan and all headed out to the next stop - the Goorin Bros. and Noble Breed happy hr.

    It feels good to walk into an event and dip into a sea of ppl who you've never met but they know your name. The shop keeper of the Goorin on Bleecker st. was a real stand up guy. He made sure to let us know that he followed our work and that he'd meant to contact us when he was in San Francisco last but got so tied up with work that he couln't hang out. I respect that. I like that guy. He's cool.

    Red and Jaquin of noblebreed definitely helped us feel like we were home. We've been in major support of the Noblebreed family since we first caught wind of them and feel proud to watch the progression of the brand. We got a few drinks, did a lil dance, and shook back to the dungeon but not before stopping at 5 guys for pre party / rejuvenation meal.

    Lesson of the day: In this indursty status matters. Your IG following is as powerful as any resume reference and it helps to have friends with a bit more prestige to help with your validity as well.

  • NYFW Day 1: Where dreams take flight

    NYFW Day 1: Where dreams take flight

    (Writting this in a half sleep/excited/confused state...)

    Got off plane, walked to terminal to wait for Champapi (Dante) only to find that we spent 1.5 hrs in the wrong terminal...great. So here we are.. Sleepy..Excited but hella sleepy. 

    We finally met up with Champapi, can't check in til's 8am and we don't know where we are going.

    Got confirmation by mother Nikki of the MOB to meet up with Mr. Slvstr design himself to crash there until the airbnb was ready. En route we encountered a pissy Uber driver who forced us to cancel then re-request him because our intial requested wasn't an Uber XL...or something like that. He ended up being cool when all was said and done.

    Finally got to eat at Boba Cool Cafe. Had some sammies and this organic ass, tart ass lemonade. Headed back to casa de la Slvstr to retrieve our bags and head to what will be home for the next week. 

    After the oddest of conversations with the airbnb host on how to enter said "home" we finally dropped our bags off and slept...

    A rather slow start post napping but getting dressed can actually boost energy levels, for a short period of time, at least. Once clothed, we head to the Gansevoort hotel for our first actual outing since we landed... The Bellwether Project's NYFW has begun. 

    Lesson of the Day: Sleep when convenient and neccessary. The grind comes first but your rate of mistakes on that grind are higher when your mind and body haven't recharged.

  • Steezy NFL Players For the '99 and the 2000 (and '14)

    Steezy NFL Players For the '99 and the 2000 (and '14)

    The football season started yesterday and while I’m terribly excited for Amurrrica (hot dogs, blonde country singers, Army recruitment commercials) to come back in full force after its brief dip into futbol, I’m even more excited to see the crazy fits everyone’s favorite players will be sporting at the postgame pressers. Now, I get it. It’s probably difficult to find clothes that fit when you’re a hella large individual but yo, you got funds now, get it together.

    That being said, not all hope is lost. NFL players are stereotyped as being all brawn, no brain – and no bomb outfits. However, there are exceptions to every rule – like the whole “we don’t torture” thing and those random times they say “bitch” on broadcast TV. Local favorite Vernon Davis has always struck us a sartorialist at heart. Plus, the dude went undercover at the Jamba Juice he owns.. and puts on art shows. Swag.

    (image via )

    Then there’s Victor Cruz. Homie burst onto the scene out of a school no one even remembers anymore then busted out the celebratory salsa dance after a touchdown. Oh, and dude be with all of your favorite designers, posts up with fashion editors, and stares aimlessly into the distance for fashion feature stories. Swag x2.

    (image via )

    Then there’s the gawd himself, Tom Brady. I mean, dude is our generation’s Montana, procreates with the richest supermodel in the world, and has the fire Uggs endorsement (lol).

    Steezy NFL players for the ’99 and the 2000.

    Jorge Courtade

  • San Francisco MicroStyles

    San Francisco MicroStyles

    We get asked to describe San Francisco fashion all the time. Me personally, I usually get stuck. San Francisco is known for its neighborhoods, its microclimates, and how eclectic everything here is. The fashion is no different. In the same way I can be enveloped by fog in the Sunset and drenched in sun in the Mission, the style here varies.

    Let’s take the Marina, for example. The Marina is the playground for the adults that had nice cars in high school and won homecoming king and queen and now work doing something they don’t really care for but it pays well so it’s cool. Naturally, the fashion can be a little stuffy. Refined, maybe, but stuffy nonetheless.

    Now, the quickly gentrifying Mission District, where hipsters with thick moustaches roll up their denim exposing their ankles, showing off their low top canvas shoes. Here a fixed-gear is just as important as any other accessory. I’m not going to lie, there are plenty of well-dressed people there, I’m just Latino so it’s Sad Boyz Club when I’m lurking here in search of Salvadorian food....  :-/

    The Haight, known for its herbs, breeds a… different type of style. Plenty of earthy folks, casual, a little grungy but well put together. You can also count on a steady influx of streetwear kids, either dressed in fluorescent colors or gothic black. Vintage kids, pin up girls, rockabilly, they're all here.

    Downtown and the Financial District... Here, we must admit, is where we find the best dressed San Franciscans. Nestled near the major menswear retailers and the City’s most lucrative addresses, it makes sense that here we find the nicest ensembles, suits that fit, wide-brimmed hats, details that matter, cuff links, things that catch our collective attention in general. This is where we do our street style shoots, where the city’s stylish move about, hoping to make it to their next meeting or the next happy hour, one’s never sure.

    Of course, these are rough guidelines, umbrella descriptions that fall short of describing the crazy variety you can see in the City at any given time. Fact is, when you ask us what San Francisco style looks like, we could talk about ourselves or we could talk about the Kurt Cobain doppelgangers. We wouldn’t be lying either way.

    Jorge Courtade

  • You Need Us

    You Need Us

    You’re a contributing writer for one of the world’s most circulated menswear magazines. You wake up every day, brush your teeth and pick out your version of a fire outfit. You write about celebrity style, fashion forecasting.. you know, cool guy stuff, in general. You’re not corny. You make allusions to popular rap songs every now and then. You’re not lost or without rhythm on the dance floor. You can spot a pair of Air Max 95s.. hell, if your editor asked you to run a piece on ‘em, you could probably do it… but you still don’t get it. You’re not all the way there.. and it’s okay.

    See, you’ve had some ethnic friends, fulfilled your ethnic studies course requirements in college. That’s all cool… But you still don’t get it. You don’t get why The Bellwether Project is necessary.. the gap it fills, the people it speaks to. You don’t listen to “Suck It Or Not” in front of housing projects while wearing selvedge denim and Italian-made loafers. You don’t got the club going up on a Tuesday – hell, you could’ve sworn Bobby $hmurda was the name of a cartoon character.

    We need people like you. You reach a worldwide audience that is hard to even quantify. You provide them with fire information and give them pretty good advice. Again, you are needed. But.. you need us, too. You need us for the actual trend forecasting. You even need us for your street style shoots. So, as we ready ourselves for the scramble that is New York Fashion Week, just know.. equal footing is a beautiful thing.

  • Calling In Drone Strikes in Taupe

    Calling In Drone Strikes in Taupe

    I gave up on presidential politics years ago.. and apparently the president gave up on sartorial common sense too. I'm sure you've seen the photos and memes, Obama addressing conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine while wearing a taupe suit. It's a testament to our attention spans. It's also a testament of the little weight placed on words delivered by the president, political figures in general.. but that's for another day.


    Anyway, all of these pictures make us wonder - who styles Barack Obama? Is Obama checking his favorite style blogs at this very moment, disgusted with his stylist who was so sure people would like the new look? Does the president get fitted while calling in drone strikes on a presidential iPhone in an Otterbox case? How should we feel about the filtered and misleading information you're giving us when we can't even trust you to pick the right suit, fam? Get it together.

  • Willful Ignorance or Blatant Disregard

    Willful Ignorance or Blatant Disregard

    Imagine a world without cultural appropriation… Imagine a world where frat boys never throw “ghetto”- themed parties. Imagine a world where Sofia Vergara doesn’t have to play the “spicy” Latina in every role she snags. Okay, now snap out of it because that world doesn’t exist, fam.

    We’re in 2014 and dominant WASP culture still finds ways to mischaracterize, exploit, and demean people of color.. like, say Indians (and yes, I said Indians because most Native Americans have appropriated the term for themselves). We work in a fashion industry that likes to consider itself ahead of the curve, in tune with the world, all that good stuff. Fact is, whether it’s just willful ignorance or blatant disregard for the culture, design houses really don’t care – they’ll pimp out a traditional Chimayo design if the money’s right.

    What else are we to expect, though? I mean, the majority of U.S. citizens don’t believe the Washington football team should change their name from “Redskins” to something a little less… disrespectful? You throw a traditional, sacred design on a rustic-looking flannel and sell it at Urban Outfitters for the pack of frat boys in khaki shorts that sit above the knees… well, you’ve got a damn good business plan.

    Jorge Courtade

  • Award Shows Are Weak

    Award Shows Are Weak

    Award shows are so weak. With everything going on in the world, it’s only fitting that the majority of us spend a large chunk of our day watching drugged out celebrities accept irrelevant awards. That being said, it is kinda our job to critique style so here go our thoughts on a few choice outfits from last night’s VMAs (that’s what it’s called, right?)

    Let's start off with everyone's boy Usher. He actually doesn't look bad. Plus, I still know all the words to "That's What It's Made For" so I can never harbor any ill will towards the man. The look is... crisp(?) without being overdone - something that can't be said about a lot of the night's attendees.

    LOL. I'm not mad at Jason Derulo for having Jordin Sparks on his arm but dawgy.. this picture does not suit bruh at all. Maybe I'm out of the fashion loop but those look like some custom Creative Recs, man. Either come out with a single I can listen to beginning to end or step your footwear game up, G.

    Common stays with the sweater vests, man. Common probably got sweater vest pajamas. This sweater vest looks like some next level business though. Like the type of sweater vest people that wear sweater vests will be wearing in the year 2031.

    Jorge Courtade