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September 08, 2015

It's Poggy's World

August 26, 2015

Chronically Dapper

July 19, 2015

The best part about taking the road less traveled (or never traveled) is that you get first hand experience and direct education about the field you’re venturing into. The worst part about taking the road less traveled is that you don’t know what to expect; jumping into abyss with one question can sometimes result of having many more questions by the time you surface.


We set out this weekend looking for a new leather sources and connections in Los Angeles, a world more bustling and booming with the blood of the fashion industry 10 times more than our beloved San Francisco. Upon arrival we hit the pavement thirsty for quotes, locations, speak easy style stash houses of seamstresses and leather hoarders waiting for the next job to bag out. It’s not like that here. There is a way of doing things here, and in succession I might add.


“Promote, grind, promote, shake hands, grind, promote, shake hands, do a favor, grind, sale.” This formula we’ve been conditioning ourselves for the past few years just to survive moments like these. LA brings about new opportunities that you don’t walk into unless you’ve worked your way into the door. Like actors searching for a break in Hollywood, downtown Los Angeles is our frontier; the proving ground, a place where our level of resilience and work ethic will be tested and appreciated.


Los Angeles we appreciate you and your eye opening adventures, small victories, and large burgers. You will be seeing a lot more of us!



3 Year Anniversary

July 04, 2015