Ryan Gosling, Dario's Spirit Animal

So I've had this image of Ryan Gosling on my desktop for sometime because as we all know I appreciate great presentation and flawless execution when it comes to putting an ensemble together. This is not the first time I've seen someone wear a pajama top as a shirt but frankly I never cared until I saw this shot of Gosling at Cannes.

Now here's a little secret about my style of dress - I will try anything once if I find it interesting. In all seriousness, Ryan can't have all the fun and well... see for yourself up top. With the exception of the fact that my shirt is 4 buttons, long sleeve, and the fact that I added a paper boy hat and pocket square, I think it's pretty dead on - so much so that I'll be championing this look for the rest of summer.

Cap- H&M

Shirt- Vintage Pajama Top (eBay)

Pants - Uniqlo

Shoes - Vintage from Relic Vintage

If you have questions feel free to email me dario@thebellwetherproject.com

Dario Smith Jr.
Dario Smith Jr.