(Be)llwethering You with J. Ryan Lacour


Bellwether is all about pushing positive images and even more about powering up those efforts by linking with people who have similar campaigns. One of those people is head of the Be You Campaign, owner of FLY LIFE PR, J. Ryan La Cour.


I've known J. Ryan for a year or so now and it has always been great energy between us. Aside from his work with PR clients and best friend Karrueche Tran, J. Ryan leverages his industry resources to build the Be You Campaign which is designed as a silent protest that is focused on helping inner city youth take pride in what sets them apart oppose to conforming. This ideology is very similar to our own, pushing men to be themselves at all times no matter the stye of dress.



A series of conversations lead to us basically saying "Hey, we should shoot!" Although J. Ryan's style is already form fitting, simple, and classic we thought it time the world see him in his true super hero ambiance - The man that develops, runs, and is the business. We tapped our favorite photographer, Mark J. Chua, and got the ball rolling.


J. Ryan is all about having a good time with everyone, at all times. In fact, during the shoot we couldn't stop him from dancing at any moment leisure. It actually went a little like this..."Shoot - Stop - Dance - Text..." repeated.


We decided to go with a mix of casual, business casual, and a more playful take on suiting. Pulling tweeds and turtle necks, leather and denim, and linens and terry cloth for some great transitional pieces between late summer and early fall.


Jacket: Uniqlo

Pocket Square: Penguin

Turtle Neck: Uniqlo

Pants: Banana Republic

Shoes: Mercanti Fiorentini

Jacket: Zara

Tee: Zara

Jeans: Ralph Lauren RRL

Shoes: Sandro Paris

Jacket: Levi's Vintage

Shirt: Uniqlo

Tie: Penguin

Vest: Mark McNairy

Pants: Banana Republic

Bag: The Bellwether Project

Shoes: Bell Shoes (Custom Made)

With each ensemble I'd ask "How do you feel in this? Are you comfortable? Do you see yourself in something like this often? What would you change about it?" As much as our styles vary it was important that he felt like himself in each look. We reached synergy on the last fit and "Classic Joey" was born - a style rich in purpose, playfulness, and character.



If you think it's time to update your wardrobe or you want to make a mark at your next big event, contact us today! http://thebellwetherproject.com/pages/contact

For more about J. Ryan's Be You Campaign - http://beyoucampaign.org/

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Dario Smith Jr.
Dario Smith Jr.