It's Poggy's World

"When I first met Poggy I didn't know who he was or what he did but his style told me everything I needed to know. A very humble man with great humility and a passion for style that I had never experienced. Being a man of few words, he literally says everything through his attire.

Continuing to be friends, though worlds apart, we've grown our aspirations into tangible functional pieces of our on respective legacies. Excited to learn, even at a distance, I owe great deal of my willingness to press into uncharted territories in the industry to Poggy.

I couldn't be more proud of his "Poggy's World" collection at Liberty Fairs. A culmination of Poggy's unrelenting forward vision and styling, the collection showcases the epitome of quality. In collaboration with industry leaders like Virgil Abloh, Parabellum, Nick Wooster, and more, the collection sets a new bench mark for industry standard.

Congrats to me friend and mentor, Poggy Motofumi - The Man!

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Dario Smith Jr.
Dario Smith Jr.