Personal Styling

How to style your personality featuring our BuzzFeed friends the Try Guys 

How to style for your body size!


Note: Each Client must go through the first 2 steps in our 3-Step process before we begin personal styling/shopping and or image consulting services. (ie. Assess – Organize/Purge – Shop/Style)


Clearing up misconceptions:

People come into person styling with reasons like "I just want to get girls" we can not promise you that you'll be Hue Hefner but we can promise that you'll have more positive social encounters with the opposite sex. Some guys approach us with "I just need to look good to land this job" which is fair but we will not promise you a direct line into the position. In stead we will teach you how to dress "for the job". Nothing is worse than going for account manager looking like the junior account man.


This is what we at The Bellwether Project can promise you - Your personal style alone won't get you the girl, just like walking in with a perfect resume and wearing a dirty t-shirt from the night before won't get you looked at for that accounting job. There are ways to do these things, and tools that will help you end up with the results you want. We will teach you how to understand your body, your wardrobe, and over all presentation so that you can leverage it for new opportunities.


Personal Shopping:


Assess - Free: Email lifestyle assessment form that client must fill out before moving forward. This assessment lets stylist know who the client is, their interest, their budget, and what they’d like to get out of the services.

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Organize – 2hr/ $100: Stylist visits the client’s closet and separates the wardrobe into useable and unusable categories in reference to the style goals the client provided in the lifestyle assessment. From here the stylist will make a list of essentials to look for during the first shopping session as well as taking the client’s measurements.


Shop / Style – 1hr / $100 - Half Day (3-4hrs) $380 - Full day (6-8hrs) $720: The best part of this experience is seeing yourself in items that represent the change that you want to see. We are skilled at attaining the results your want within your budget from thrift to luxury.


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One-Off Event - $250 flat rate: Have a wedding to attend, boss’s dinner, meeting your significant other’s folks, a Gala or fundraising event? Let us take the stress out of looking good for those pivotal moments in your life. We will assess your situation, needs, and budget to turn your froggy angst into Prince Charming (but better). After your measurements and list of sartorial and grooming needs are noted, we will then shop (within your budget) for the best pieces that will not only make you look like the man of the hour, but that also represent your character. The most important thing to remember on a big night is that comfort is confidence and that is our number one priority for you.


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Can I bring my spouse or partner with me during sessions?


Personal styling and image consulting is just that. Think of us as the mental health therapist to your closet.


What’s the least I should consider spending on clothing?


Aside from the cost of our services your actual clothing budget is entirely up to you. We work in all realms of shopping from thrift and vintage, to department store, to pre-season ready to wear items. Do remember that you get what you pay for, so all though we can work with any budget, an off the rack suit will never feel as good as Bespoke.


If you style me once, can’t I just go and repeat the same styling pattern?


Yes, of course you can. In fact, we encourage it! There’s no harm in knowing your own style and how to achieve sartorial greatness every time you get dressed. We do suggest, however, that you learn all of the rules before you attempt to break them (Hence our 6 month program/package). Every client will receive, at the end of their first shopping session, a detailed list of looks, accessories, and brands that work best for them and why. We are your coaches, it is you who is playing the field.




Things for you to consider before a styling session:


Come prepared and BE HONEST:


You and your stylist are forging a relationships, don’t start it off by lying about your size or insecurities. We are here to serve your strengths and over come areas of opportunity. If you know your sizes up front – that’s a plus. If you know what colors work for you – that’s a plus. If there is a pair of pants that makes you feel great, bring it with you.


Ask Questions:


Nothing is worse than going through a personal styling experience and not having your questions answered, mainly because you were too afraid to ask. We are here as experts and as any good expert knows, there is no such thing as a dumb question. If you want to know who brands are suitable for guys with large posteriors; if you want to know how to properly pattern clash; if you need a tailoring recommendation for your favorite pair of jeans – ask! We want to spill knowledge, that’s what you called us for!


Rebuke third party influences:


Let’s keep this agreement at all times: You are the man in the clothes because you are the man that chose the clothes. If you have sought assistance for greater presentation, and we get to a point that you feel confident and accomplished in your look, do not let anyone else tell you that you should be in anything less that what makes you confident.