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Brought together by chance and circumstance, willpower, determination and a healthy dose of creative energy have proven to be the pistons which drive the Bellwether engine forward and on a steady incline. In 2013, Tim Taechitorote, armed with a "can-do" attitude and an endearing level of persistence, was brought into the fold. In the time since The Bellwether Project has established itself as a collective to look out for. Still in its early stages, the group has already moved on to product development while keeping a roster of clients styled in outfits tailor-made to fit each of their individual wants and needs.

In recent months, the foundation Smith and Taechotirote have built for the Bellwether Project has provided opportunities for the group to sprout and grow. In collaboration with Berkeley-based Aegis Handcraft, Bellwether has begun production on made-to-order leather portfolios, aptly named ‘Ego bags.’ The bags have been a hit, landing The Bellwether Project features in the San Francisco Chronicle’s Sunday Style section and a presentation class in conjunction with Indochino.

The Bellwether Project understands the value of style - personal an situational. We are dedicated to helping men curate wardrobes that are built to fit in and designed to stand out. When styling, we help clients optimize their presentation and add a unique perspective to their brand - personal or commercial.

As stylist and product developers we look to build a community of partisans who understand the value of presentation and curate garments and accessories with the highest level of craftsmanship, artistry and design.


Dario Smith

Dario Smith, creative director of The Bellwether Project and one of its co-founders, is known for marrying elements of streetwear with a more classic menswear aesthetic. While some might say his look goes against the laid back feel of the City, in a town that loves to market itself as home to oddities and quirks, what is more quirky than a man in Stingray Huaraches and tailored dress pants?

Based out of San Francisco by way of Oakland, Smith discovered a love of menswear after years spent skateboarding and cycling in more casual wear. A painful shoulder injury left him out of work for a brief stint. As he looked to reenter the work force, he picked up job interview-ready garments. A hobby borne of necessity became a passion project, eventually replacing a closet full of Nike SBs and graphic tees with brogue wingtips and bespoke suits. He looks to help young men achieve their goals by instilling a love of presentation while remaining true to their ideals.


Tim Taechotirote

Tim Taechotirote serves as The Bellwether Project's Community Manager, tasked with social media outreach and cultivating a community of like-minded individuals. Even so, Tim is a man of many hats, literally and figuratively, who, simply put, gets the job done. Tim comes to us by way of Thailand, a place where his menswear acumen was encouraged from an early age.Having lived in San Francisco since 2008, Tim met Dario and in 2012 and joined The Bellwether Project a year later.

Tim is all about the details, his clothes fit perfectly, his outfits so well put together they often look effortless. If you're looking for an ensemble that bends rules tastefully and without frills, Tim is your guy.

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